Elevate Medical Training
With Medical Cart AR

Provide instant access to interactive 3D replicas of your organization's crash carts or other medical equipment. It's always free for learners, and incredibly convenient! It can be used from anywhere at anytime, right from a mobile device.

Ensure staff competencies with the Medical Cart AR app

  • Learners can access directly from their own device
  • Does not require IT configuration
  • The app checks for cart accuracy during each use
  • 3D cart is an exact replica of organization's cart
  • Organization can purchase multiple unique carts
  • There are no limits on the amount of users/learners
  • Learners may submit Timed Challenges to be included in data reports

App Features

Custom Content

3D Carts are built as exact replicas to your organization's specifications.


Highly optimized 3D models for better app performance, even on older devices.

Privacy Focused

Collects anonymized analytics, but never collects identifiers without asking.

No Logins

Learners appreciate getting straight into learning without barriers.

Easy UX

Tutorials are integrated to ensure user success without outside help.


Learners can access from their mobile device anywhere, anytime.

Multiple Modes

Both AR and non-AR modes available to cater to different learner preferences.

No Limitations

Learners can download as many carts as desired.

Now Available

Download the free app for Android and Apple iOS devices.

App Screens


Is there a limit to the amount of users?

Organizations that subscribe to Medical Cart AR have no limitations on the amount of users, and are not charged based on user amounts.

Does this require IT help to deploy?

The Medical Cart AR app is downloaded as a free application from the App Store and Google Play. It requires no domain access and no IT integrations. IT Team involvement is not necessary unless you plan to deploy on organization managed devices, which typically require administration to install an app.

Does this require experience with AR?

The app is intentionally designed for those that are new to augmented reality (AR), and features guided tutorials that orient new users step-by-step.

Can this feature content other than crash carts?

Yes. Not only can it accommodate other types of carts, it can also feature medical equipment of other types. E.g. patient beds, medical boxes, OR boom equipment, radiology equipment, etc...

Can we trial the app?

Yes. The app provides a "Demos" section that any person can download content from to evaluate the full functionality of the app. Demo content features all of the same app modes as any other content.

Does the app track users?

The app does not collect any identifiers, nor does it track users across any other apps. Furthermore, we do not share usage data with any third party aside from a subscribed organization. In this case, an organization only receives usage analytics specific to their content.


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